Sunday, January 26, 2014


Taoism: Action Versus In trans process                  The Star travel The succeeding(a) Generation issue: Booby Trap shows a perfect example of Taoist thought. The conclave of the go-ahead is always taking some action in install to achieve a specific goal. This outcome shows that by inactiveness you can sometimes achieve further more than you could through action. The mind of the natural senses cannot grasp the concepts of the unnameable. The work party of the Enterprise guide a valuable lesson on the personality of decision making and how to do without doing anything.         The Enterprise is caught in an old-fashioned trap that uses the starships proclaim power supply to destroy its occupants. The perform to the trap is to leave off down the engines; by generating no power the trap is subordinate. Taoism is a philosophy base on inaction: Therefore the prevail acts without doing anything and teaches without aspect anything.(Tao Te Ching pg. 2)         When the true constitution of the trap is revealed, Ryker states If we digest we die. If we dont resist we die. Neither action nor inaction was the key to salvation. Rykers statement was based on a physical world; the Tao goes beyond action or inaction of a physical sense. The Tao Te Ching states, the skipper does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.(pg. 38) The Master does not rely on the world of the senses to decide her action.         Everything the crew of the enterprise tried to do was based on beat the trap. More energy, faster adjustments. But thats scarcely what we cant do because thats what were supposed to do.(Star Trek La Forge) All of the attempts to overcome the trap were based on action, trying to do something just about the problem. The Tao teaches us to Stop cerebration and end your problems. The answer to all... If you want to array a full essay, orde r it on our website:

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