Saturday, January 25, 2014


Sports being espousen too seriously We have made sports such a expectant part of our lives, that we have become to capture them too seriously and thing have got to the point where things retrovert to change. I know of a spunky rail stand football team that was playing a gimpy in the semi-finals of the shoot championship mettlesome. The game went into double overtime and then in the end went to penalty kicks. The two teams were tied at the brave out penalty kick. The student from the team that had the final penalty kick, missed, and her team doomed the game and didnt go to the championship game. After, the game the female child went home and hung herself because she did not indigence to go to school and be made fun of by her teammates for lose that kick. When things like that happen, it authentically makes me think twice about how significant sports really argon. It is provided a game; it should be taken to that extent where nation are ki lling themselves over a high school soccer game. I understand that it was a big game but, nobody should kill themselves over something that really doesnt imagine anything in life. Winning or losing that game is not breathing out to change anything in anybodys life. The however time it is tone ending to change something in psyches life is if someone decides to kill themselves over the game, which in turn hurts everybody around them. Steroids, are another big incidentor in how athletes are taking sports to seriously. They have brought sports to the next level by using military operation enhancing drugs. These drugs that are being taken by these athletes prove the fact that athletes will go to the roughly extreme point unspoilt to make themselves stronger and better. It is absolutely paranoid to think that you have to take drugs to make yourself better in sports. Those people just want the easy way out. The estimable way is to go to the gym every day, and practice every day.If you want to get a ! full essay, order it on our website:

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