Monday, September 23, 2019

The Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture Assignment

The Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture - Assignment Example Shaping organization culture is essential if the organization leadership aims at having a healthy and high performing organization culture. Since culture involves the unwritten and written rules of how people would work with each other to achieve organizational objectives. This paper attempts to outline the role of leadership in an organization by shaping its culture. Organizational culture is integral in ensuring that the organization identify and execute strategic plans. Successful leaders ensure that they shape the culture of the organization instead of letting the culture to shape the organization. Culture shaping involves strategies that can promote an integrated system in the organization from top to bottom. To ensure that the performance and growth of the company adheres to the organization goals, the leaders must ensure that there is behavior change among individuals and teams in the organization. It is therefore necessary that personal transformation serve as the foundation of culture transformation (House, 2006).   Leaders shape and influence the organizational culture through molding of values, beliefs within the organization and basic assumptions by the members of the organizations. The key and critical factor for a manager to ensure that there is enough support organization culture is empowering the employees to build a good relationship that would lead to change in organizational culture. Effective leaders engage formation of strategies that would shape the organizational culture through influencing members to a positive relationship within the organizational program. Leaders who are intelligent learn on changing the organizational culture and focus more on empowering the people to enhance good relations. There are several strategies that can be used by managers to ensure positive organization culture is applied (Wells, 2013).   The first strategy

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