Wednesday, September 25, 2019

An Analytical Remuneration of Writing Skills Personal Statement - 5

An Analytical Remuneration of Writing Skills - Personal Statement Example Initially, it was an intimidating experience filled with apprehensions and anxieties. However, the encouragement provided by a highly competent and qualified instructor prodded me to endeavor to enhance my writing skills. Through observing grammatical rules and by indicating weaknesses in structure and form, I had begun to improve in terms of gaining confidence in writing and in applying the rules for effective writing. In this regard, it is my personal conviction that I am given the privilege to pass the UWSK course as a prelude to more gratifying writing experiences in the future. The UWSK accorded me with the opportunity to develop diverse skills pertinent to writing. One of the major skills learned was an observance of essay structures which encompasses important rules in grammar, including observance of correct spelling and punctuation marks. My initial essay (Out of Class Essay #1) on Illegal Immigration observed appropriate structure by presenting an introduction (which could actually be fairly long), a body (with arguments presenting claims and reasons) and an appropriate conclusion. I took ample time to clearly evaluate correct spelling and phrasing with the use of the required punctuation marks. I realize that there is still a tendency for me to lengthen my discussion of a particular topic creating the tendency to divert into another topic. Of course, one cannot be expected to come up with a perfect essay in a few tries. Another skill that has been developed through the UWSK course is the skill of introspection – the ability to contemplate on one’s thoughts and feelings prior to writing. As indicated in the standard instructions prior to any writing experience, one must brainstorm to gather thoughts, information, details of what I want to write, and how I plan to write these ideas in a structure which would assist the reader in understanding the message that I want to relay.

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