Monday, July 29, 2019

WEEK 5 APPLICATION 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

WEEK 5 APPLICATION 1 - Essay Example d doctoral study, the researcher sought to determine the success of the Project Management Professionals or more specifically to establish the relationship between e-leadership styles and the success of virtual project managers in carrying out virtual projects. To achieve this, the researcher took seventy-four surveys, Leadership Behavioral Analysis II-Self (LABII-Self) surveys on direct project staff that was a clear representation of the population. The LABII provides significant information on how leaders perceive their leadership style, or draws a comparison between their leadership style and those of their peers. Indeed, this style derives an understanding on the perception of ones leadership style. The qualitative tradition applied in this research was ethnography. Most assuredly, the data analysis method used was appropriate for ethnography. Indeed, the method brings in a social and cultural connection as established in ethnography. More so, such a method is adaptive to field research situations like surveys, interviews, and participant-observations as proposed under ethnography. In addition, this data analysis method helps in the realization of more information than what is available at the time of data collection and can respond well to changes. In addition, the analysis method accommodates the two stages in doing a research, observing and recording of data and production and analyzing the research problem a seen in ethnography. Indeed, all aspects of data analysis methods are justifiable. This is because from the surveys, we can establish the leadership style flexibility, chances of misuse, major and minor leadership styles, and the resultant efficiency from respective leadership styles. Furthermore, I think there is no other data analysis method that was sufficiently relevant to this study. This method was able to derive all aspects of leadership as seen herein a fete I doubt any other method would achieve. Indeed, this method is not only specific to

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