Sunday, July 28, 2019

Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 8

Proposal - Essay Example Improve effectiveness of workgroups, encourage people to give support to and improve nation-wide pollution prevention campaigns as well as support and promote environmental pollution prevention actions of educational pollution prevention enterprises and regional forums Educate people on how to avoid environmental pollution. The paper will also utilize participants, through advisory council and workgroups to find and influence national policy issues, encourage people to cooperate with outside associates to affect community policy and ensure providers of pollution prevention have unlimited access to new program developments and technologies. Moreover, the paper aims at facilitating and supporting training opportunities of environmental pollution prevention and supporting the distribution and development of scholastic contamination prevention information besides ensuring that communities work together to create mechanisms for finding and addressing matters of joint concern. Engage them in the research: When I engage people in any research, they will be able to learn more and get an in-depth understanding of what is being talked about (Best, 28-31) for example asking them to visit areas of research is important in that they will be able to know how these substances are produced, how wastes are eliminated and how they result to environmental pollution. Public lectures: I will conduct public lectures on causes and effects of environmental pollution to people. Knowing its causes and effort, people will be able to take various initiatives of control and avoidance. Distributing leaflets: These leaflets will be able to communicate to a wide scope of the population on various issues concerning the environment and also educate them on control and prevention measures of environmental pollution. Soil contamination- caused by chemicals that are released by underground leakages or spill, most common are heavy metals e.g. cadmium and chromium,

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