Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Usefulness of Marketing for Media and Entertainment Companies such Essay - 1

The Usefulness of Marketing for Media and Entertainment Companies such as Disney - Essay casefulStrong brand imaging is important to engross higher customer equity. If taking the example of Disney, they are customer focused but their prices are not comparatively lower. Currently they are more conscientious about penetrating their existing market e.g., selling more to the prevailing consumers, continual expansion in marketing efforts to promote brands and improving the product quality to gain higher customer satisfaction by attaining expectations of customers. Their current marketing strategy can be analyzed as a Brave stroke of strategic mix. This entailed after observing the tremendous success of the movie Brave which performed terrifically on the loge office as 13th top of the list movie consecutively yielding $66.7 Million. The analysts had topped up that Brave will barely be equal to(p) to earn its cost on box office but its success made them to think about the Disneys marketi ng strategies (Hughes, 2014).After examining the strategies of the Walt Disney and era Warner, it has been think that customer affiliation is most important. Walt Disney has pointed on the right stroke by exploiting the exact opportunistic approach for example the strategic partners such as, McDonald. The characters embossment of Time Warner is reported as higher according to Gallup among the young generation yet the success rate of Disney is more than Time Warner (Gilchrist, 2013). The Dream works media entertainment also possesses a sustainable position in the industry but the character embossment and impact is not comparable because of strategic partnership and marketing practices (Hughes, 2014). other important distinguishable feature of Disneys marketing practice is the use of CSM (Corporate Social Marketing) (Robbins, 2014). Marketing is however important in this industry because all they earn to disseminate and sell is the entertainment. It

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