Saturday, April 20, 2019

Lessons the World Learned in Regards to Critical Infrastructure Due To Essay

Lessons the World Learned in Regards to Critical Infrastructure referable To Sasser - Essay ExampleThis paper illustrates that Sasser spread very rapidly. Sasser surfaced on the internet on April 30th and it had septic 500,000 by May 1st and 700,000 by May 2. Security professionals were fast to respond and a vindicate Sasser disinfection tool was posted by Microsoft on May 2. Nearly 1.5 million copies of the tool were downloaded within 48 hours. People were shocked to know that a computer virus could cause such a animal(prenominal) reaction. For the layman, this was something new and more importantly unbelievable. Most people after the Sasser virus lost trust in the security of Windows XP. Jaschans punishment did not fit his crime. He had caused massive damage worldwide and had caused fiscal losses to big corporations apart from affecting home users. Even though he created virus when he was a minor, he had released the virus on his 18th birthday. Hence, he must have been tried as an adult and not a minor. The intent behind creating the virus is not clear but it is sham that he created the virus with the intention of getting more business to his mother who ran a computer advisor company.

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