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Human Factors in Aviation Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Human Factors in Aviation Safety - Essay ExampleAt the time, it received high-profile attention from the media, which covered the incident on live television (JetBlue sheet, 2005 JetBlue passengers, 2005 JetBlue Airways, 2006). The purpose of this paper is to search the human factor as it relates to this mishap.The pilot and crew are the first to become the focus of any formline mishap. Other human factors involve maintenance, affair control and aircraft design. As noted by Wikipedia, the dexterity of the flight crew to maintain situational awareness is a critical human factor in air safety (Air Safety, 2006). A broad definition of situational awareness in flight is observing all(prenominal)thing that happens in the nimble area and determining its importance in a complex environment. Initiation of a pilot checklist in 1937 and the relatively new concept of situational awareness sop up contributed to aircraft safety. Even so, pilot error is considered the most vernacular fac tor of aviation crashes. Although it is often a factor in midair collisions, additional groundss might be repayable to adverse weather conditions. Crew resource management (CRM) training is an otherwise recent effort to rationalize pilot error. Terrorism has been added to the human factor list following 9/11/1001, which involved intravenous feeding different commercial aircraft (Air Safety, 2006).In the case of the 2005 JetBlue mishap, ... In fact, Robert Boser, editor of Aviation, commended the pilot, Captain Scott Burke, who managed to stop the mainsheet in the middle of the 12,000-foot runway at LAX without having the nose break off. The only damage to the plane was in the front wheel area and no one was injured. Because of sparks and smoke, Burke asked if there was any burn up visible, but did not receive an answer from the tower. He therefore used air stairs to write down the passengers for safety reasons (Boser, 2005). This was his response to an emergency in progress, but was there some way he could have known the problem existed before takeoffWhat Were the Contributing FactorsWhat were the human factors involved in this incident and how rise up was the emergency handled In addition, why did it happen at all In the case of pilot error, doable factors that could be involved are alcohol use, nicotine addiction withdrawal, error in copying air traffic control clearances, or mental illness. In the JetBlue incident, the pilot and crew were exonerated of any blame and in fact were lauded. Other factors include oversights in aircraft maintenance, mistakes in air traffic control, or weaknesses in aircraft or equipment design. One question in the relatively short history of JetBlue Airlines is whether such(prenominal) a problem has occurred before. And if it has, what was the cause and what human factors were involved JetBlue has only been in business for six years and offers low fares and extra incentives such as live television, leather sea ts and wireless Internet, which are not available on other popular low-cost airlines such as Southwest. Because of the passengers ability to watch CNN on the airlines DirectTV hook up, however, with televisions at every seat, they were able to follow the

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