Tuesday, April 23, 2019

COMAIR Regional Airlines Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

COMAIR Regional Airlines - Case Study ExampleThe regional airline COMAIR, a appurtenant of Delta Air Lines, which serves routes in the United States, Canada and Europe is poised to become very competitive and profitable in 2010. COMAIR currently has 5,800 dedicated aviation professionals and services 511 daily flights to about 77 international and domestic destinations. The COMAIR is the preferent airline of choice by most business travellers and frequent travellers as it offers affordable airfares. COMAIR has gone from peculiarity to strength by rapidly rolling out international routes and additional services for the customers. other significant cost factor for regional airlines is the national and local taxes imposed by the US government. Most countries cherish airlines like cash cows by levying national prerogatives and taxes on them that results in higher cost of doing business.Another positive trend is that inspite of the US recession, the regional airlines do offer the saf est form of transportation. Although US airlines carry 3.5 cardinal passengers annually, the accident rate is very low compared to the accident rates of motor vehicles and maritime vessels.Another kindle and positive development is that air travel has improved its safety record over time. New US airline jets have more safeguards and safety measures which help minimize untoward accidents on air and on the ground. Among the interesting market players in the US airlines industry is COMAIR. For instance, COMAIR has been effective in four general areas of operations 1) winning customers 2) maintaining its go along in excellent condition 3) close relations with its pool of human resources, 4) charge its finances viable. In general, COMAIRs is able to grow its equity over time (McCabe, 1998)COMAIR has increased international message by 15 percentage in 2008 to address increasing demand. (International Herald Tribune, June 4, 2008) The society has consistently upgraded its fleet on a yearly basis. As regards its salary expenses, Comairs flight attendants have approved a US$7.9 million dollars in wage cuts intended to help the company recover from its financial difficulties. Fourth, COMAIR has been able to handle its finances well. The company has managed to keep unit revenues up and unit costs fling off. The airlines fly all their in stock(predicate) seats, hence, the company managers try to increase their unit revenues on a quarterly basis. The COMAIR managers understand that most of the airlines costs are fixed. Approximately ten percent of costs go to services such as aerodrome fees and air navigation services fees. Labor costs take up an average of 38 percent in the United States. Hence, the COMAIR managers have focus on decreasing the unit cost to bring down operations cost.In addition, the managers continue to manage near-term liquidity pressures. Cash collateral batting order requirements had a material blow on its unrestricted cash positions since 2008. Delta Air Lines, stated on Dec. 2, 2008 that its projected cash collateral posting requirement at Dec. 31, 2008 would be approximately US $1.1 billion dollars.In response to the situation of the parent company, COMAIR is focused on improvements in free cash flow as the key to liquidity preservation. In addition, the company has scaled-back aircraft financing commitments and has

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