Thursday, April 18, 2019

Honda in Europe Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Honda in Europe - Case Study ExampleThe paper tells that the issue of cultural diversity, in regards to international commercialiseing, is of utmost importance. It is, therefore, critical for Honda to treat the culture of each country in its own context. Furthermore, diametrical countries from the European region convey different cultural values, which significantly affect their thinking behaviors and actions. Honda appears to have make a grave cultural mistake while designing its global merchandise strategy and, therefore, it bequeath be very wise to understand the cultural practices and values of each country and design strategies that resonate the individuals countrys culture. The poor performance of Honda in Europe has been thought to have resulted from the failure of the go with to understand the culture of European countries and instead treating the market as a self-colored block. The differences amongst different European countries have been split between high-context versus low-context cultures Honda ought to design its marketing strategies to be in frontier with these cultural divisions, to enhance acceptability of its products in the respective countries. Ideally, Honda ought to have understood that the kind of ad that is qualified for low context cultures is different from that which is suitable for high context cultures. In essence, the advertisement for high-context culture should enshroud an embedded approach where the weight is put on the general view and feel instead of providing the unfeigned information.... In conclusion, it is not wise for Honda to market its products the same way in all countries because it is improbable that an advertisement intended for a low-context culture will work in a high-context culture and vice versa. accustomed that Europe is a multicultural block, Honda should take into account the two cultural segments when designing a market strategy. Is it wise for Honda to market its products the same way in ev ery country? It is not wise for Honda to venture the global market with a similar strategy in every country because, actually, this is the mistake the company committed, in the past, leading to poorly performance in different regions especially in Europe. It is important to support attention to various political, social and economic forces that influence business in different countries and design strategies that resonates to those factors. These factors atomic number 18 very essential because they are used to define the decisions to take when producing, selling and delivering products and services to consumers from different split of the world. Honda should carefully assess the style, taste, culture and values and believes of its customers from different countries because these factors are essential when designing an international marketing plan. For instance, Honda should apply marketing mix that is unique to individual countries, based on factors such as linguistic communicat ion barrier, economic circumstances among many others. Socio- economic considerations, technically, are important factors that influence the companys taxation, transmit cost, peoples taste and needs as well as the competition from other companies. From the statistics, Honda is facing stiff competition from different regions, especially the

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