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The Green Mile Essays -- essays research papers

The dark-green MileFrank Darabont (writer-director-producer) in 1999, returned to the directors chair for the first time in five years. Darabont, who not single(prenominal) directed Shawshank Redemption, but adapted it from a Stephen King story, followed the exact alike(p) path with The Green Mile. The consume was released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and Produced by Castle gemstone Entertainment, Darkwoods Productions, and Warner Bros. David Valdes is the producer, David Tattersall, B.S.C. is the director of photography, Terence Marsh is the production designer, and Richard Francis-Bruce is the use up editor. doubting Thomas Newman is the composer of The Green Mile, who has had the distinguishable honor of collecting his first two Academy Award nominations for high hat Dramatic Score in the same year. He competed against himself as the only double nominee in 1994 for both The Shawshank Redemption and Gillian Armstrongs itty-bitty Women. He received a third Oscar nod for his work on Diane Keatons Unstrung Heroes, and overly earned Grammy nominations for The Shawshank Redemption and Unstrung Heroes. natural in Los Angeles, Newman is a member of one of Hollywoods close esteemed musical families. His father, film composer Alfred Newman (All About Eve, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), win nine Academy Awards (out of 45 nominations). His uncles are renowned film-score artists Emil and Lionel Newman (Oscar-winner for Hello, Dolly). His cousin, also a multi-Oscar nominee, is singer-songwriter Randy Newman (The Natural), and brother David is also a busy film composer (The War of the Roses). Newman studied composition at USC with professor Frederick Lesemann and noted film composer David Raksin. He later completed his academic work at Yale University chthonic the tutel get along of Jacob Druckman, Bruce MacCombie and Robert Moore. Newman, who composed his first film score at age 29, counts among his most recent film credits American Bea uty, Meet Joe Black, The gymnastic horse Whisperer, Oscar and Lucinda, Mad City, American Buffalo, Red Corner and Up Close and Personal. The Green Mile is one of Stephen Kings best works, which all hear place in prisons. The films title refers to the pristine green floors of Cold survey Penitentiary, a Deep South, Depression-era prison. The film stars Tom Hanks as prison warder capital of Minnesota Edgcomb, in charge of the death row (nicknamed the green mile) at a southern penitentiary i... ...t Give You Anything But Love (written by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields, performed by Billie Holliday) (327) &61623 Thats The Deal (137) &61623 LHomme Mauvais (221) &61623 An Offense to the eye (108) &61623 Morphine & Cola (256) &61623 Night Journey (212) &61623 Danger of Hell (227) &61623 through with(p) Tom Turkey (100) &61623 Did You Ever See A Dream paseo (written by Harry Reed and Mack Gordon, performed by Gene Austin) (252) &61623 Trapingus Parish (051) &61623 hobgoblin (326) &6 1623 Shine My Knob (054) &61623 Briar Ridge (042) &61623 Coffey on the Mile (512) &61623 punishment (152) &61623 Charmaine (written by Lew Pollack and Erno Rapee, performed by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians) (225) &61623 Now coherent Gone (108) &61623 No Exceptions (057) &61623 Green Mile (338)The music, which was composed and conducted by Thomas Newman also includes orchestrations by Thomas Pasatieri. Featured musical soloists include George Doering, Michael Fisher, wind Cox, Sid Paige, Steve Kujala, Jon Clarke, George Budd, and Bill Bernstein.

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