Wednesday, March 27, 2019


When comparing and contrasting depictions and countersigns, the majority of the time the book presents much of a detailed atmosphere and illustration of events. However, in this case I think the book, "Autobiography of Malcolm X and the movie, Malcolm X quoin side with mavin another.Spike Lee is not only maven of the best filmmakers in America, but one of the most crucially important, because his films address the central present of race, as so does the book. He doesnt use a sentimental flak or political work, but shows how his characters lived, and why. Alex Haley depiction of Malcolm X life as told to him by Malcolm, shares the same perception as the movie, but what Alex provides in the book seems to be almost or all Malcolms different interactions with neat folks, and each interaction Malcolm gained some intimacy from it - whether it was positive or negative - and that is one of the things that attracted me to his life story.During that stage of his life, in the late 1940s, he was known as "Detroit Red," and ran with a fast crowd - including white women who joined him for sex and burglaries. Arrested and convicted, he was sentenced to prison the movie quotes him that he got one year for the burglaries and seven historic period for associating with white women while committing them, as so does the book. Prison was the best thing that happened to Red, who fell into the realm of the Black Muslim movement of Elijah Muhammad and learned self-respect. The movie then follo...

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