Monday, March 18, 2019

The Giver :: Giver Essays

The Giver   onas lives in a perfect piece where war, disease, and suffering have all been eradicated. Everything is in order everything is under control. The mickle have no worries or cares. The confederacy strives for selfsame(prenominal)ness, in which every star and everything are the same and equal. To help the community function as a cohesive unit, each(prenominal) member is assigned a position in society. When Jonas turns twelve, the Community selects him to be the new Receiver of Memories. Only the Giver knows the truth and memories of the past, and now he must pass these memories on to Jonas.   The Giver is a wonderful book. Lois Lowry skillfully crafted an intriguing and profoundly thoughtful story. She subtly creates an uneasy feeling that something is impairment with this perfect world. The Communitys advisors intend to establish security within utopian society, exclusively they really establish a stifling dystopia. To protect people from the r isks of making poor or wrong decisions in life, the advisors plan and dictate the lives of the people. In effect, the citizens have no freedom of choice they do not require their job or even their spouse. Moreover, the advisors inhibit the peoples ability to feel because they destiny to spare them from the hardships and pain of life. For instance, individuals must take a pill everyday, which suppresses fanatical feelings. The citizens do not know or experience true emotions worry love. One of the goals of the Community is to achieve sameness so that no one feels embarrassed or gets excluded for being different. However, this limits individuality and freedom of expression because everyone conforms to a certain desired image. Finally, to relieve the population of the horrors and devastation of the world and the past, the advisors keep apart the Community from the rest of the world (also known as Elsewhere) and give the institutionalise of holding the memories of the past to a single member of society the Receiver. Therefore, the Community lives only in the present, and the people have a narrow opinion of life because they only know their community and way of life. They are unreserved they do not gain knowledge or wisdom from the memories. magic spell receiving the memories, Jonas learns a different and better way to live and realizes what he and the Community have been missing.

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