Thursday, February 6, 2014

Does Cannabis Use Affect Prospective Memory In You

The main goal of the posit study was to examine future memory impairments associated with cannabis use in young adults by comparing users and non-users on both self-reported prospective memory failures and on an bearing video-based prospective memory task. An independent measures design utilizing be groups of cannabis users who had declared use of cannabis inside the previous(prenominal) grade and non-users who had never take cannabis was employed for the extradite study. An chance essay of 142 undergraduates between the yearss of 18 and 24 historic head studying at universities in the north east of England participated in the study. Twenty-three participants who reported the use of illegitimate recreational drugs in addition to their use of cannabis, 9 participants whose use of additional extracurricular drugs was unknown, 6 participants who reported use of cannabis inside 24 hours prior to testing, 3 participants who had used cannabis only once, and 12 participant s who no longer take in cannabis and had not smoked for more than one year were all excluded. The remaining warning of 90 participants comprised of 45 cannabis users who had used cannabis within the previous year (20 males and 25 females with a median term of 19 years) and 45 non-users (17 males and 28 females with a median progress of 19 years). A video-based prospective memory task provided an accusative measure of prospective memory ability. The task in the reach study involved the presentation of a list of 17 specific locatings and associated actions that were either tasks to perform at that stance, or questions to be answered, followed by the presentation of a 10-minute video depicting a shopping area and focusing on shop fronts and passersby that provided location cues during which the previously presented location-action combinations were recalled. The results of the present study revealed that after controlling for age, formation use, mood and other recre ational drug user at that place were no sig! nificant...If you want to get a abounding essay, give it on our website:

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