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George Orwell, the well known journalist, political author and novelist wrote Animal put forward and 1984. Those two novels are famous for his immense use of imagination. 1984 became commonplace during this clock period and Animal Farm as well. 1984 was preserve in 1948 as a warning to the future of the family 1984. The novellas setting is somewhere in Oceania during the time when Eurasia and Eastasia were feuding. The substitution problem of the novel has to deal with Winston metalworker and the organisation because Winston has a vision that the government is invading everyones silence and that the sight do not realize what is happening or sack on. The government was invading the communitys privacy. in that obligingness were cameras in bushes, houses, and etc. George Orwells novel 1984 explain a warning to the future through Winston metalworkers thread as he struggles through the tribulations that have occurred. In the novel, Winston Smith has problems in life beca use of the manner society is set up by the government. In Oceania, the government has different parties as in the Inner Party, The Brotherhood Party, Anti-Party, Thought Police, and the Junior Spies. Some parties do not agree with other parties, simply it is the way larger Brother wants it to be. Anything you do, Big Brother is watching you (Orwell 2). It does not get a line what you do, you are not doing it alone. Winston Smith is afraid of getting caught by the Thought Police for writing in a daybook that he found. Winston does it anyway, thinking that it is possible to get away with it. He writes in it about things he watched the night before, his ex-wife, and a few other things that were very important to him. Winston has a stalker who looks at him at various times. Her name is Julia and she becomes Winstons lover. She was from the Junior Anti-Sex League, and Winston conceit that she was apart of the Thought Police by the way she was presenting her actions. They break up trying to stay together or put up toget! her as long as they could, but does not last...If you want to get a full essay, allege it on our website:

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