Saturday, October 5, 2019

Answer dq 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer dq 7 - Essay Example He built a relationship which was firm and tackled it enthusiastically. He set an example by personally adopting all possible traits to be a fruitful leader which motivated his followers and ultimately it is understood that if a company flourishes, workers flourishes. One of the main points is, a leader who has a charisma can understand the issues that would arise with his new plans, and therefore he remains ready to guide, help and accommodate his followers well. (Raelin 2003) explains that all leadership styles have something good to be adopted; therefore charismatic leadership can walk parallel to transformational leadership because charisma spreads over groups and transformational leadership supports it well. To attract followers, we studied well in our last discussions that currency exchange and implementation law of reciprocity can be good deal to make followers work accordingly. Different leadership styles are interlinked and therefore in my last article I wrote that theorists claimed that leadership is the most complicated phenomenon to be completely implemented. (Bascal and Associates) narrates that Charismatic leaders have an ability to communicate on strong emotional grounds and can convince, support and make followers understand the requirement of a desired plan, John F. Kennedy who is referred as a charismatic leader serves perfect example. He convinced people to remain strong and fight back for their rights during crucial time of Civil War. I agree with the point raised that setting charisma and vision into two different entities can simplify things to be understood. Vision is embedded in charisma and therefore a charismatic leader is able to convince people to understand his vision and work together to accomplish it, while remaining on a powerful emotional ground. Strong leadership is about executing the plans firmly and charisma makes it more fascinating

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