Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Great War

1) What were the three blunders? germany attacking france with all their forces to east of paris where they were stopped dead at battle of Marne France threw all their best troops against germany; and didnà ¢t have enough strenghth to follow up Russia didnà ¢t know what to do once they were at germany and had no plans for defending the land they occupied 2) Trace the advance of the German, Austrian and Russian armed forces in the east The Germans advanced into Russia, the Russians advanced into Austria, and then the armies of the three powers paused for the winter 3) How did the great European powers fee their men , money, and munitions into the Western and Eastern fronts? Russia was human reservoir, the governments raised taxes and borrowed money to spend on the soldiers and geared their industries to the new markets of human destruction and turned out weapons 4) a. What was the à ¢delivery systemà ¢ of the European armies? the railway network of Europe b. Describe the challenges of this à ¢delivery systems.à ¢ Before the railway system brought people of Europe closer together in peaceful trade, now held them fast in war; the generals demand more men, more guns, and more shells to hammer the enemy 5) What battle patterns did generals follow on the Western front? The two sides, each made up of millions of men, confronted each other below ground level 6) a. Why did Turkey enter the war? Turkey entered the war on the side of Germany and Austia, with the intention of halting Russian expansion around the black sea b. What was the purpose of the first campaign at Gallipoli? Gallipoli campaigne was intended to force a way through the straits of the Dardanelles into the black sea c. What was the purpose of the second and third campaigns the second was to win control of oil supplies, the third was to help arabs in a revolt against their Turkish rulers d. What was the purpose of the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916? the British and French governments planned to divide much of the middle east between them with little thought for the interest of the Arabs 7) How did Britain and France entice

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