Friday, September 6, 2019

County Backs Plan for Inland Port in the Glades Essay Example for Free

County Backs Plan for Inland Port in the Glades Essay The commissioners in Palm Beach County found the need to support the construction of an inland port because it would give employment opportunities for the locals. Summary: A vote of 5-2 was the result of the discussion among Palm Beach County commissioners favoring the development of an inland port in the area. They believe that this would help the locals obtain more jobs that are within the county, which means easier access and less wasting of time travelling from one place to the other. Locals do not have to commute to other nearby cities for their jobs and lose precious family time. Also, this plan would help develop the county in economic terms. Analysis: While many people came to the commission chambers to support the plan, there were also activists who disliked the idea due to environmental reasons. It was very difficult to determine whose side had a better argument because the other has the welfare of the locals in mind while the other tries to defend nature and the fact that people should not just develop land over the glades. There were no words from the water district officials but the â€Å"activists said that Florida Crystals’ land sits in the middle of a potential pathway for restoration, which could recreate the historic flow of water from the lake to the Everglades† (Sorentrue â€Å"County Backs Plan for Inland Port in the Glades†). Conclusion: Although both sides had strong arguments as to whether or not the inland port should be constructed, it should be pointed out that the welfare of the people should be put first. The inland port would not take over the whole of Everglades and if environmental procedures were done properly so as to do no or at least minimal harm on nature, then it will be a win-win situation. The commissioners should make sure that they do not agree to this because it would bring them money but that they agree to this because it is what the people need. They also have to ensure that they do minimal damage to nature while developing the land.

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