Monday, August 12, 2019

Quantitative report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Quantitative report - Essay Example The research will also try to concentrate on where the motives of the tourists and non tourists are different. Also, the focus will be mapping the correlation that has been developed in connection to the satisfaction and the intentions of the attendees. Literature review While discussing the literature review, it needs to be highlighted that the factors of motivation as well as the central focus of the music festivals needs to be taken into consideration. While trying to identify the motivation factors, it is important to focus on the underlying reason for conducting a music festival. Generally, the main reason for conducting a music festival is to promote the entire tourism package for a region. The festivals that are conducted on the lines of music performances are highly unique since they have the ability to attract visitors from a highly diverse span of geographies (Mosley and, 2011). While discussing the motivation factor for the tourists, it needs to be highlighted that t he extrinsic factors of motivation play a very important role. In elaborating about the most important extrinsic factor, the focus needs to be given on the conflict of the masses happening in the work and leisure life of the masses (Robinson and, 2010, p. 138). Basically the long hours of work time is having a conflicting effect on the leisure life of the masses. ... that there are a group of workers who are stuck in a very routine and monotonous kind of a job and are trying to attach to the music events for having a high levels of excitement, thrill and challenge in their leisure times as well as in their life. Another extrinsic kind of a factor that needs to be associated with the issue of motivation is that some attendees attach leisure as an extension to work. A certain group of people who are attached to a highly demanding and exciting kind of a job looks forward to seeking the same levels of excitement and thrill during the leisure time. As a result, the musical concerts hold a high level of value and a source of excitement and thrill to them as well (Robinson and, 2010, p. 138). In discussing about event motivation and tourists, it can be stated that the concept has a high linkage with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The event motivation and participation of tourists in various events are related to the social and psychological n eeds (Heinsohn, n.d.) It also has to be stated that the event motivation at times are largely dependent on the factors like fund raising, generating mass awareness. Also, in some cases, the main motivation of the event is largely associated with the factor of promoting a brand or a performer. Talking in regards to the non-tourists, it can be said that for them, the focus of attending a music event is mainly on relaxing as well as socializing. Research Questions In this case, it can be stated that there can be three research questions. The first research question is to find out what is the demographic profile of the attendees? The second research question is to find whether the motive of the tourists and non-tourist are same or different? The third research question is to concentrate on whether

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