Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MNE should stop outsourcing to developing countries 2 Assignment - 1

MNE should stop outsourcing to developing countries 2 - Assignment Example It is, therefore, the nature of human beings to be curious as the people were in the story. The story is a satirical piece, which the writer uses to mock human nature in general, and the Catholic Church. Criticism is seen from the father and the letter, which he sends to his superiors in Rome (382). The superiors do not look interested in coming to view the spectacle. Father Gonzaga is asked to talk to the Old man and see if his dialect is Aramaic. The superiors also ask Father Gonzaga to see how many times would fit in the head of a pin. This is an example of Catholicism, which refers to the medieval theory that was thought to be proof of God’s omnipotence. The superiors in the Catholic Church finally make a conclusion that the old man is a Norwegian sailor who is stranded. This statement makes the church sound literal minded and not in touch with reality. The church is also seen to have a wait and see tactic, as they do not do anything about the old man with enormous wings. They just wait until the end when the man flies off. They leave the man in Pelayo’s compound while they could have taken the man in their refuge so that they could find out everything about him. Human beings in the short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez do not care about the significance of life (384). Everyone in the story is afflicted by narrowness of vision. This is seen from the church to the neighbor woman, the pilgrims, and the crowd of onlookers. Elisenda is also viewed to be narrow as she chooses to keep her living room and kitchen living free instead of deciding to consider her uninvited guest who was different from them and oddly beautiful. Regret is also considered as part of human nature by the writer of the story. When Elisenda looks at the angel at the end of the story and realizes that she would probably never have a chance of seeing him again, regret is clearly depicted. The writer points out that most people

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