Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Concept of Ethical Obligations Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Concept of Ethical Obligations - Case Study Example Bush. He is considered to have an exemplary public administration and leadership skills that had been both his strengths and his weaknesses (White, 2008, p. 420). Tenet’s career can be considered unprecedented due to his achievements but there are challenges and dilemmas he had to face when he became the director of Central Intelligence (DCI). There are factors then considered to be the main reasons why in the end his efforts failed. These factors also caused ethical dilemmas on his part. The first dilemma is setting his leadership priorities and holding a highly multitasking position as DCI. Due to the fact that a DCI holds numerous roles, he had to answer to different groups and stake holders. The DCI’s role includes manager of CIA, president’s principal intelligence advisor, and the head of the entire intelligence community of 15 agencies. Tenet’s job is highly complex that even an expert would find it very challenging (White, 2008, p. 421). In his case though, the role is difficult because he is considered as an outsider in the institution. Tenet’s leadership can be considered handicapped due to his lack of experience in different expertise required in the role because â€Å"he had never run for political office, managed a large organization, worked as an intelligence officer, shaped American foreign policy, earned academic credentials by authoring a scholarly publication, or served in the military† (quoted White, 2008, p. 421). His perspective is different from the perspectives of the DIC before him which resulted to a more diplomatic type of leadership. The second dilemma he had to face is related to the prioritization of his ethical concerns. Due to the numerous agencies and institutions with different missions, visions and priorities he has to answer to such as the decision making process in White House, CIA’s intelligence priorities and his own conscience. At different points in

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