Tuesday, July 23, 2019

SOPA and PIPA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SOPA and PIPA - Essay Example egislation more acceptable to the technology community, content industries should have designed the legislation in such a way that it does not raise concerns about its ability to censor lawful activity. Content industries should also have ensured that the legislation does not threaten to disrupt the underlying architecture of the Internet especially because the legislation would remove an entire domain. These industries would have made the legislation more acceptable to the technology community by allowing targeted sites more time (than five days) to submit their appeals. This would give them enough time to defend themselves before losing the site and revenue (Blakeney 45). The money that piracy provides technology companies is a lot and this will make it difficult for the technology community to support curbs on piracy. Many internet users like the convenience with which they can get some materials from piracy sites and that is why they do not mind paying millions of money in order to keep getting accessing those materials. Technology companies make a lot of money from advertising networks that market piracy materials. They will also reject piracy curbs because they make a lot of money from providing links to sites that run piracy business (Blakeney

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