Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Influence of English on My Writing Skills Essay Example for Free

The Influence of English on My Writing Skills EssayI started instruction English when I was 10. I found learning foreign language very entertaining, useful and, funny. In a very short time decimal point I learned to speak English quite good and I was able to understand American movies without subtitles. As time was passing, my English was gradually alter and after couple of years I was able to speak it fluently. When it comes to writing, however, I was struggling from the very beginning. Even though I could speak English fluently, I never was really able to print my thoughts on piece of paper. When I was in high school, the English teacher thought that level of my English was among the highest in a class. However, she would never understand my poor performance on pen tasks. She was very surprised that I can speak English so well, that still perform poor on essays. In the beginning, the professor though it is due my poor writing skills in general. But, on the other side, my e ssay grades in Bosnian very excellent, and Bosnian teacher would speak in superlatives about me. So 1 day, Ana, the English teacher gave me a very interesting task.She rootage told me to write an essay in Bosnian, and then to use a same topic, and write it in English. I did so, and difference was massive. The Bosnian essay was excellent, and essay written in English not even close as good. We finally found out what was the problem. Although, I was speaking English very well, the most of the spoken communication I knew came from different movies and TV shows. The English I was using was mostly made of slang words an terms. It was very good for easy conversation, but not that good for writing. This was a problem that I never completely solved.Despite my writing skills were improving all the time, my English essays were never that good and far off from those written in Bosnian. When it comes to writing the language barrier was insurmountable. The great ideas and thoughts were alway s coming to my mind, but I was never really able to write them put through in English. However, I am pretty sure that I am not the only one with this problem. I think that there are many another(prenominal) kids, especially in non-English speaking countries, which have same problems with overcoming language barrier.They all probably have great imagination and great ideas but cannot express them on piece of paper. Overcoming this language barrier was very tough task for me, and I have not finished it yet. Never less, I will keep nerve-wracking and practicing until my English becomes as good as my Bosnian. I would strongly encourage all other internationals, with same problem, to keep trying and never give up. Because, one day, when we write an English essay and our teacher cannot tell that its written by an international I will know that we made it

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