Thursday, June 20, 2019

English-Only Rule at the Workplace Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

incline-Only Rule at the Workplace - Assignment ExampleThis paper will aim with the statement that Title VII provides guidelines on the possible application of English-only rules at the workplace. The application of such rules can be done non-discriminatorily under various dowery at the workplace. It is very important for employers to understand the guidelines of Title VII on the use of English-only rule policies at the workplace since it is very easy to face litigation from non-English speaking employees of the company.The application of English-only rules at the workplace is justified by business necessity in the event that it is a requirement for an employer to work efficiently and safely (Bennett & Hartman, 2009). For Morales, it important to note various circumstances, which may justify the adoption of English-only rules. Morales as the employer and majority of the workers speak only English. In these circumstances, it complies with Title VII to apply English-only rules as an important requirement for communication with clients, coworkers, or supervisors who speak English only. This is applicable at the Morales warehouse where the majority of the workers and the supervisor (Morales) speaks only English.Another important exception to the English-only rule is safety requirements at the workplace (Vettori, 2007). Some high-risk jobs require employees to have a uniform language in case of emergencies. At the warehouse, Morales may justify the application of such a rule citing safety issues, which may be valid in this kind of business. Title VII allows for the adoption of English only rules where there is evidence of safety justifications for such a rule. Further, this rule may be justified for efficiency purposes in cooperative assignments where the majority of plurality speak only English and hence citing the importance of speaking a language understood by all (Wheeler, Klaas & Mahony, 2004).

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