Thursday, June 13, 2019

Comparing between Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Comparing between - Essay ExampleOn the hand a conflicting conclusion has been raised by the report conducted by Cambridge University and Medical Research Council (CUMRC). This study concluded that saturated fat found in dairy encourage against type 2 diabetes. The CUMRC only think alcohol, red meat, carbohydrates and fried nutriment as causal agents to diabetes but affirms that dairy food prevents type 2 diabetes risk.The CUMRC daunting challenge is only establishing how various food ate corresponds to fatty acid levels. The finding thus uproots an earlier notion of risks of Cheese products that were previously linked to higher amounts of cholesterol and type 2 diabetes and recommends its change magnitude consumptions as a protective mechanism against type 2 diabetes.In conclusion, the two CUMRCs findings have been affirmed by the chief coordinator of the Inter-Act project, Prof come off Wareham. He has noted a lot of confidence in the CUMRCs findings and hence thumps up the p osition that saturated fat in dairy products protect against type 2 diabetes hence downtrodden Epic-InterAct Study

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