Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cheap Food, Poverty and Obesity -- Is there a Correlation Essay

Cheap Food, Poverty and Obesity -- Is there a Correlation - Essay exercises levels is mostly consumed by deprived communities and individuals due to inability to access affordable healthy viands, cheap junk food has high starch, calorie and fats table of contents which is taken to the roue streams and go directly to build adipose tissues in the body hence accumulation of facts which leads to obesity. Deprived people are known non to take concerns on exercises which help in burning down the calories in the body. Additionally, individuals in impoverished regions have poor access to fresh food identical vegetables which have fiber which helps in digestion of fats hence its excretion from their bodies. Poor countries have the greatest sedentariness. Sedentary individuals move more two hours per day which is less than participating individuals and hence expend less energy making them prone to obesity and chronic metabolic diseases. Consumption of semi processed or unprocessed food w hich is not fresh which carries a lot of calories that when taken builds up the fat content in the body which include sugars bread and other cheap milk products.When this research began, the question was whether or not, a correlation existed between people, who ate at fast food restaurants, poverty, and obesity. The development of the paper exposed numerous factors leading to obesity without fast food being the major contributor. There are a number of reasons why people are obese or heading for obesity. Environment or heredity can be contributors as well as the lack of physical activity, becoming sedentary, over use of applied science watching television, driving as opposed to walking, and failing to exercise. People have developed heart disease and may also develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and additional health problems when lifestyle changes occur and obesity sets in.In Americas cities, there is a fast food establishment on many corners. At a young age, children begin eati ng fast food because of the convenience, propaganda involved, and the cost. There are many people

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