Saturday, May 18, 2019

World History Homework

Muslim eclipse touch Indian government and society when Sultans Introduced this rule and many Turks, Persians and Arabs migrated to India to serve as officials or soldiers. Trade amongst Indian and Muslim lands Increased. During the Mongol raids of the sasss, many scholars and adventurers fled from Baghdad to India, bringing Persian and Greek learning.The newcomers helped create a brilliant civilization at Delhi, where Persian art and architecture flourished. 3. The founders of the Delhi sultanate were able to conquer northern India because the Sultans no longer controlled a large imperium and northern India fragmented Into rival Hindu and Muslim states. During violent onslaughts, many Hindus were killed and the two groups clashed and did not abide along at all. . Relations of Hindus and Muslims grew to better terms over time. Eventually, the Delhi sultans grew more tolerant of their Hindu subjects, and Hinduism was true as a monotheistic religion. Hindus were allowed to prac tice their religion as long as they paid a poll tax. Some Hindu even converted to Islam.Schism, a religion which blended both Hindu and Muslim belief came Into form. 5. The rejection of toleration of Hindu beliefs will probably bring more struggle and battles between the Hindu and Muslim. The Hindus and Muslims are back to being enemies and both empires will probably be effected naughtily and will have an economic decline. World History 10-4 Homework By manservant 2. Muslim rule affected Indian government and society when Sultans introduced this soldiers.

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