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The Handmaid's Tale Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The Handmaids tosh - Essay ExampleOffred From her point of view, the story is narrated taking the audience through flashbacks, asides, and digressions to highlight her relationship with different characters and show the change in the society. She was disunited from her family following her capture and sentencing to the indoctrination centre. As a handmaid, Offred is forced to bear relations with her master so that she ignore bear offspring for the infertile wife of the air force officer. She is depicted as an intelligent, perceptive kind woman, who bears enough faults to make her human. She is a single mother and feminist whose determination has seen her go away the worst of days in the new rule. Offred has a dark sense of humour, which helps her absorb the shock of the common oppression and injustices. Moira is illustrated as a dear friend to Offred with their relationship dating back to college years. She is depicted as fiercely independent and capable of defending herself ag ainst the odds that face her as demonstrated when she demands for her rights at the Centre. Moira is regarded as the logical one and offers the voice of reasons to uplift the spirits of her friends. As such, she represents courage and hope in a bleak future, traits that seem rare under the prevailing conditions. In addition, Moira is demonstrated as athletic, tenacious, irreverent and tremendously resourceful. She also provides an alternative to the meek subservience and embrace of ones fate with a ill-affected nature as she defies Gilead values. Moira rejects male-female sexual interactions to instil defiance over authority since the Gilead rule does not frequent gay tendencies. Her problem with authority is cemented by her rebel actions against the fear that grips the society and escapes from the Centre. Moiras personality can be equated to that of Offreds mother who seems to have a kind of authority over the narrator. Offred and Moira have the provide to live despite the loss es they have experienced with the regime change. They engage each other to stir their spirits and keeping the faith that all will be well despite their current predicament. This illustrates the train of care and compassion held by the two characters. They both are active feminists seeking freedom as they yearn for normalcy and the end of the social injustices. However, Moira has had successful attempts while Offred seems contend after she meets Nick, the Commanders chauffeur. The Commander He is described as a grey-haired, semiretired military official to whom Offred is assigned to as a handmaid. He is illustrated as an intelligent man with a collection of books, which he enjoys reading as a scientist and a market researcher before the coup. The commander is among the founders of Gilead and as such is responsible for the current paltry and oppression in the society. However, he bends the rules helped forge by engaging Offred in a surreptitious relationship where she visits his o ffice. He is illustrated as a sympathetic man towards Offred and he seeks her companionship, though for selfish reasons. The commander is lonely and unhappy in his marriage therefore, the relationship he establishes has selfish motives and does not care closely the risk he puts Offred in. In this way, the commander plays the victim and prisoner, from which he seeks solace. He is morally conflicted as contemplates abdicating his business office in the Gilead government,

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