Friday, May 24, 2019

Jerry Character Analysis from Chocolate War

Jerrys perseveration keeps him from selling the javas every day and giving up. First, when Jerry finds everything in his locker in shreds and does not install up and sell the chocolates, he shows his perseverance by not giving in and selling the chocolates. Instead of giving up instantly and going on with everyone else is doing, Jerry stays with it and does not fracture up, showing perseverance. Second, when Jerry was beat up by the school bully, Emile Janza, because Jerry is not selling chocolates, he also shows his perseverance by go on to refuse the chocolates.Jerry shows his perseverance again because he does not sell the chocolate even though everyone in school wants him to. Third, when Jerry is at football practice and is brought to the background again and again but continues to rise to his feet (1) again, Jerry proves his perseverance by getting up again and giving it another go instead of. With perseverance, Jerry does not give up and gives it another go instead of gi ving up right then. Similarly, Jerrys defiance also keeps him from selling the chocolates and defying authorities.First, when all of the strange things like prank cry calls and people outside his house happen to Jerry, his reactions are defiant. Jerry shows defiance because he feels that he does not need anyones help and can get all of the chocolate business out of the way himself with no ones assistance. Second, when Jerry would say, Because I dont want to (163), whenever asked why he does not sell chocolates, Jerry shows his defiance by not telling anyone the tenableness why he does not sell the chocolates no matter what anyone tells him.Instead of giving everyone a real, straight answer, he would defy anyone who asked that question. In the end, Jerry is disappointed by the perfect school in many different ways. First, when Jerry boxes against Emile Janza and gets completely beat down, Jerry shows that he has been defeated. Jerry is defeated because he is beaten in a boxing ma tch and he has gotten beat up. Second, after the boxing match and when Jerry starts to think sell whatever the school wants you to sell (248), Jerry feels defeated because everything he has done against the chocolate sale has led to nothing.He is defeated because he goes through everything that he went through without a reward or even a significant remembrance of that years chocolate sale. In conclusion, Jerry Renaults defiance and perseverance help resist the chocolates until the end when he is overcome by the students and finally becomes convinced to sell the chocolates. Work Cited Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War. 1974. New York Random House, 1997.

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