Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Investigative report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Investigative report - Essay ExampleI would runen to client as I walked nigh. It is important for you to note that Wal-Mart food chain stores are not as effective as you may think. The retail stores have a shortage of employees, a problem that people could hardly discover. Despite this problem, I observed that they stock a wide range of food and food product products (Kipple, Adam and Wherry 23).During my shoot the breeze to this Wal-Mart grocery store, I found that most customers prefer to blackleg there because the retail outlet stocks a variety of foods and grocery products. The food chain store stocks products such as cereals, soft drinks, fish, milk, fruit and vegetables. The list of grocery products on the shelves is endless. I found out that the retail store have a distinctiveness in availing products to the consumers on time (Kipple, Adam and Wherry 24). You should note that my observations were supplemented by consumer talks, which were not deduced from interviews. In deed, I walked around the retail store just like any other consumer and never interviewed anyone. On another antithetic note, the retail store had a shortage of employees ranging from the shop attendants, cashiers to the supervisors. The customers were hanging around the corridors and shelves because there were few shop attendants to direct them.Additionally, the same customers would line up for several minutes before they pay for the goods to the cashiers. There were umteen customers inside the retail store, not because they loved the store so much, but, due to the fact that employees were inadequate. I had fancy that Wal-Mart is perfect and efficient even before visiting their food chain store. Being the leading grocery business in the US and the world, one might think that there are no problems in its operations. You should note that the retail store does well in stocking many types of products, but, has a shortage of employees to meet the customer needs.I will go beyond and r emind you that Whole Foods is another company that deals with

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