Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cellular Tower Proliferation In The United States Essay

The Cellular tower proliferation in the United States article dialog about the growth and culture of cellular converse over the years. The article looks at how the current found of this communication came to be with a review of the stages the process has undergone. The article reviews the results of the demand for wireless communication where in that location has been an increase in infrastructure to facilitate the homogeneous. Though erected with the right intention in mind, the article reviews how the same has not gone well as expected (Wilke, 45-62). The rise of many structures to support the cellular communication has led to a dramatic change in the landscape all over America. This has in hold generated reactions from various groups. Objections are one of the reactions. The same are from members of the community, various interest groups and regulatory boards. The reasons for objections vary from those who murmur about the visual tints of the erected infrastructure to the perceived risks associated from the same structures being within human residential areas. The proximity of such infrastructure is perceived to have negative health hearts. The article finishes by reviewing the steps interpreted to mitigate the negative effects emanating from cellular communication with examples such as infrastructure modification to plump with the environment to maintain the visual appeal (Wilke, 45-62).Analysing the article, one take accounts that is a great eye opener to the effect of technology in the society. As an individual, one is able to appreciate how far humanity has inject in terms of development. For this case, the rise and improvement in communication networks has benefited the society. The historical analysis of how communication networks have come to be gives one the opportunity to associate with this technology and appreciate the work put into it. By doing this, a clear image is painted to the author where the article acts as a source of informa tion in this case on cellular technology. As one covers the different issues in the article, one is able to appreciate that though the society demands the earth of some amenities such as communication structures as identified, the existence of the same and impact cannot be ignored. The society may invent such amenities for the sidereal day to day use and are not willing to live with the consequences, especially the negative ones. The highlight of the front end of communication towers and subsequent change of the landscape serves as an appropriate example. It shows the never ending conflict mingled with humanity and his inventions. However, one feels that more examples would have been fit to shed more light on the impact of the technologies with the development in cellular communication acting as the illustration of what is happening to the society. In screening the various mitigating strategies used in combating the negative effects of the cellular communication infrastructure , one is able to take a crap the need for a thorough understanding and deep analysis of any form of invention ahead introducing it to the society. A personal take is that experiments and studies should be done in such a way that in case problems arise with the inventions, quick steps are taken to combat the same.The article provokes one to doubtfulness the presence of other inventions whose impact has been profound apart from the example given such as the cellular infrastructure. The article also makes one question the impact of the same form of technological advancement in this case the cellular infrastructures in other parts of the world apart from America. One cannot help but think of the impact of the same on a global scale and what is in for mankind if development in the same area continues with the same trend.ReferencesWilke, Thomas A. CELLULAR TOWER PROLIFERATIONIN THE UNITED STATES.The Geographical limited review92.1 (2002) 45-62. Print.Source document

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