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Twin Towers Essay Example for Free

Twin Towers Es narrateWhen waking up in the morning we never spang what the solution of our day impart account like, weather its the same routine of a daily basis. never in a million years would we think that our work appear will become a place in where tale would changed. We jockey that September 11, 2001 became a day that changed both this nation and the people. The real nous here is, Did the fall of the Twin Towers mark the moment of act of terrorism in America or get to previous events been the avocation to struggle America? Over the years there have been signifi notifyt terrorism attacks. By looking at pervious attacks it shows us how the changes in terrorism ar carried out and shows the changes in how countries counter terrorist attacks. If we want to know that the Twin Towers where indeed the start of terrorism for America we should look at the history of terrorism, the methodology and the absence of unity America shows toward each otherwise. Looking and study ing about the history of terrorism towards the fall in States, we see that the branch attack towards the Twin Towers was the attacking in 1993 that was placed in a truck in the garaged of the building.Reading the book 102 Minutes, we see the perspective of the people who were trapped in the towers, but it also gives us the information about the 1993 attack. This book states, The 1993 bombing marked it as an prototype and target. ( Dwyer and Flynn 21). Reading this we can see that the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers was non the first attempt ever made. In my opinion the bombing of 1993 was a warning to the United States saying, Look what we are capable of doing to your country. Their plan was to kill around two hundred fifty-thousand people with one bomb.Unfortunately the bomb killed six people but injuring thousands. This mishap did not stop terrorism against America one the other hand it was opening a door for them. From nigh perspectives, the 1993 bombing of the t rade center, killing six people, had been a bleak moment, marking the arrival of terrorism to America (Dwyer and Flynn 133). The history of terrorism has been nothing but salient(p) work. It was like they never gave till they were happy with their actions. The question is are they ever happy with their actions, or do they want more destruction?To my on a lower floorstanding stack away blotto says that it is more important for Muslims to kill American people than any other activity. Another event in the history of terrorism attacks was the USS Cole aggress in 2000. It is to be known that this event was also under the control of Usama Bin Ladens Al fundament networking killing several Americans and injuring many. Seeing and knowing about the previous attacks Usama Bin Laden has been putting into action we can see that the Twin Tower collapse was not the moment that terrorism came to America.The Twin Tower attack was more of a statement saying, Since you have not taken the 1993 bombing and USS Cole Attack into great consideration maybe hijacking planes and crashing them will open your eyes. Throughout the prehistoric events we can see that Bin Laden put his life into planing these attacks with great passion. In the book The 9/11 Report, we read how the Al Qaeda prepared themselves for the horrific event and the studying they took in to know how to attack and when. In the early summer of 2000, the Hamburg group arrived in the United States to begin flight training. all(prenominal) three of these men would be pilots on the 9/11 operation (Jacobson and Colon 69). These hijackers studied anything they have to know in order to take action on that very day. From learning how to flight a pilot to using guns to to route these planes were to take on September 11. Not only did the terrorist gone under intense training and studying, but so did the United States. The Government and even researchers needed to know and take care the meaning behind the attacks.In th e journal Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11 by Joseph P. Firmage, he mentions One of the challenges in comprehending the circumstances of 9/11 is the sheer volume of material spanning two decades that mustiness be studied for one to become comfortable reaching the conclusions (Firmage 19). Throughout his journal he dialogue about the subjects that were found in this research. How was it possible for terrorist to attack on America soil? His three perchance theories where that 1) the 19 Islamic radicals caught the U.S. off guard, 2) the Bush judicatory knew about the attacks and let them to happen, and 3) such officials architected the attacks and caused them to happened. Based on this information I agree with what the researcher has come up with because to be honest we all know that back before September 11, our shelter at airports was not as advanced and as great as todays security. Back then we did no have the machine where one is to quantity in and it sees your body or detect the metal in your clothing.I honestly do not remember going through all that process when I was younger and would travel, but I cannot say the security did this and this because I was younger ,and did not pay attention to my surroundings. We do know that the government did have an understanding of the Twin Towers attack before occurring, yet they did not put mind to this situation. We know that inner the government there was lack of communication, but there was also lack in unity. The 9/11 Report book talks about many different subjects, but it also mentions the actions government took against the treats from Usama Bin Laden towards the Twin Towers.In this graphic adaptation is states how Richard Clarke wrote a memo to colleagues saying, When these attacks occur, as they likely will, we will wonder what more we could have done to stop them (Jacobson and Colon 79). This memo clearly tells us that our administration was well aware of Al Qaedas plans. If we look at the word un ited its most common definition is combined, connected. Now if we put these words in front of state United States essence a state where administration is connected to its people where we are one whole family and need to look out for one another.By not taking into great consideration the treats that United States received and not believing such horrific even could happen on the most goddess land in the world, our partnership grew apart, because although many of us knew of previous attacks and government had a warning of an income one, we did not unite to fight for our land. Im not saying we needed to start war, but by having better airport security back then and making it less easy for Muslims to have entered the United States, we would have been saying,our gloves are on and we are ready to fight the war, if it means to keep our people safe. Unity is something everyone has with someone. So why cant our government keep their unity chain stronger and together as years pass. It seems that Al Qaeda in this case and in many other have had more unity then United States it self. The Al Qaeda knew what the plan was, knew which action they each had to take on that day. The Twin Tower attack was not the beginning of terrorist in America terrorist were simply saying, Look what we can do in your land. The anatomical structure of the Freedom Tower to me signifies that we have not yet learned from our mistakes eleven years ago.We are calling for trouble because we want to show terrorist we are a land that can do anything and build a taller building then the ones they collapsed. United States has to learn that we are a state that is united in every way and grow stronger with each day that passes. Work Cited 1. Dwyer, Jim and Flynn, Kevin. 102 Minutes. New York Henry Holt, 2005. Print. 2. Firmage, P. Joseph. Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11. (2006) 19. Print. 3. Jacobson, Sid and Colon, Erine. The 9/11 Report A Graphic Adaptation. New York Hill and Wang, 2006. Prin t.

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