Saturday, April 27, 2019

Leadership and communication culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Leadership and communication culture - Essay ExampleA dialogic communication is unmatched whereby a two way communication path is followed and participants defend their opinion and thoughts with justified arguments and simultaneously harken to other positions as well with the intention to understand better (Habermas 1984). Isaacs (1999) has explored numerous meaning for the term discourse. Dialogue is not merely a normal form of conversation or a talk, but, in broader sense, it is now being used as a tool for nourishing presidencyal learning. Coordinated actions among members of the organization could be produced through dialogue.A dialogic communication culture can be highly effective for a firm, in incorporating and facilitating continuous and sustainable change within a firm. Dialogue can open up the limited or narrow approach to work practices that most of the organizational members uphold. Dialogues can bring advancement in existing ideas and help in developing creative fu turistic approach as well.With the schooling of the dialogic communication, organization can completely transform its culture by imbibing spirit of commitment and inculcating burden of responsibility and accountability among the members of the organization. Leaders play a vital role by dealing with infallible and anticipated conflicts skillfully. Thereby, existing challenges and hassles can be resolved through innovative breakthroughs and cooperation of the entire team displume which can be acquired through influential dialogic culture (Novak & Sellnow 2009). Sellnow 2009). DIALOGIC COMMUNICATION PROMOTES BETTER UNDERSTANDING THROUGH constructive LEADERSHIPSustainable change can be attained only when understanding among members can be enhanced. By supporting the statement that dialogues can rejuvenate organizational culture and leaders foster development of such culture, a study performed by Innes (2007) can be analyzed whereby the deduction of dialogic communication is reveal ed clearly. In this study, the essence of solving group problems is highlighted. Two groups of students were allotted case studies and specific problems. The solutions to the problem allotted were analyzed later. It was found that group that had better understanding amongst them focused on the specific have sex assigned whereas group

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