Monday, March 25, 2019

Changing Face of World Missions Essay -- Analysis, Michael Pocock

In Matthew 2819-20, Matthew records Jesus last words to His disciples these verses arrive at become known as The Great direction.Since, the giving of the Great Commission followers of Christ has left their own culture in roam to engage an another(prenominal) with the saving message of the Gospel. Numerous criminal records, articles and blogs have been written on the subject of military man Evangelization or Missions. One such parole on missions is called, The Changing Face of World Missions Engaging Contemporary Issues and Trends this parole was written by Michael Pocock, Gailyn Van Rheenen, and Douglas McConnell. All three men argon experts in the field of missions the writers have served overseas and are now presently engaged in equipping the next generation through teach at Dallas and Fuller Theological Seminary. The authors bring a wealth of ain and academic excellence to their particular chapters as hygienic as a passion to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The balance between academia and solid world application make The Changing Face of World Missions, an instructive and exciting read.The Changing Face of World Missions attempts to educate readers as well as evaluate certain trends which are taking place approximately the world in the area of missions. The book is divided into three sections which are the global context of use of missions, missional context, and strategic context. The authors describe the chapters by saying, (t)he global context describes major trends in the world in which we minister the missional context deals with trends cozy to the body of Christ and the mission community and the strategic context focuses on trends of a strategic or procedural nature (14). The thesis for the book is found on page twelve where the authors e... ... book needs a chapter in which all of the arguments and information may be summed up. My eyes were uncovered within section two to the work of the Gospel within other cultures. I would apply the lessons learned through the book by rivet on hospitality, reaching out to internationals here in America by inviting them into my house and sharing a meal with internationals. I will as well apply the principles in relation to the use of money and the need to do things in ministry which are reproducible by local believers. I would remember this book to serious students of missions stressing the importance of the case studies which allow individuals interested in missions to apply concepts within real world examples. The Changing Face of World Missions is an informative and educational book which should be included on the bookshelf of both serious student of missions.

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