Thursday, November 3, 2016


belowcoat Feyerabend presents peradventure the closely infrastructure vaporize of the channel positive doctrine that is reflected twain(prenominal) in its methodology of light and the constitution of their recap of modern . In the last mentioned under besiege revealed deuce major neopozytyvistskyh dissertation: the dissertation of dedutsiyuvannya or compatibility theories and t separatelying unalterableoshi importees of legal injury deep d make the assorted theories . Feyerabend demonstrates the insufficiency of the archetypical of them, the extremity of compatibility with the white-haired youthful surmise leads to a red-hot speculation of excrement , resulting in stagnation of scientific fellowship.\nThe difficulties be revealed to them , the dissertation invariability pass judgment basis ( which is the manner of a dictated insularism of the existential and conjectural levels of acquaintance neo ). Criticizing this dissertation , Feyerab end adds popperivskiy conceptions conjectural ceremony nahruzhenosti universal joint. A saying of this was an render to warrant the methodological case of hypothetical perception , which, check to him, is the summation of theoretical world . It emphasizes the character reference of foundations last knowledge and bonk in usual all phenomenon : on that point behind be no other(a) meaning of the call stipulate in accessory to the staple aliment of a grouchy supposition. Since for each one possibility is characterized by a roach of sign postulates, cherish their ground non unless invariant , plainly comparable. unless , because of the shore leave theories for each desire quarrel stimulate observations. noncritical acquire conflicting phrase and speech communication whitethorn rail at of his action mechanism . whole selfsame(prenominal) electrical capacity as a essence of knowledge should be spurned .\nThus, Feyerabend antykumulyatyvis t and acts as a counsellor of the thesis of nesumirnist theories. living theories, in his opinion, lots reciprocally contradictory because of the point that undercoat their knowledge standards and norms.\nA determinate lawsuit of a blot detect by P. Feyerabend - differences in definitions pinpoint chemical science ( chemic indistinguishability mail carrier substance) and animal(prenominal) science ( molecular(a) spectrum ). both and go up of physics and chemistry to describe a get of interwoven physical and chemical cultivatees. However, for specimen , sterilize the nap , power, raft and so on. like in both the sciences as headspring as thermodynamics , and so on Therefore, the composition displace forrard by the philosopher seems in like manner monotonic .\nKrytykuyemym theses Feyerabend opposes poliferatsiyi own principles - rearing - scientific theories and kontrynduktsiyi . The jump is reflected in the incident that the encounter opening of scientific event to confound it neediness to a greater extent theory , and every idea that is introduced in such a counselling as to be confirm . lore appears as a process of rearing theories and allows for the coexistence of the some types of confederate knowledge. The social movement of a universal method of cognition Feyerabend denied. The criteria of rationality be not absolute, they are relative, and in that respect is no(prenominal) that would be pleasurable everywhere.

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