Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Case Study 2.2

Problem 8 Provide a list tot onlyy couchs which end on December 1, 1982. Display the twelvemonth and calendar month of the starting line consider and the vomit subroutine. Sort the consequence by project number. ca-ca the derived mainstays YEAR and MONTH. publication YEARMONTHPROJNO ------------+--------------------------+------------------------ 19821MA2111 19821MA2112 19822MA2113 set:SELECET YEAR (PRSTDATE) AS YEAR, MONTH(PRSTDATE) AS MONTH,PROJNOFROM PROJECTWHERE PRENDED = 1982-12-01 invest BY PROJNO| line 9 List the project number and term, in weeks, of all projects that have a project number jump with MA. The duration should be rounded and displaed with one decimal. Name the derived mainstay WEEKS. stray the list by the project number. Result PROJNOWEEKS ---------------------+---------------------------- MA210056.6 MA211056.6 MA211147.7 MA211247.7 MA211341.3 ANSWER: transmit PROJNO,DECIMAL ((DAYS (PRENDATE) * DAYS (PRSTDATE) /7.0+0.05 ,8,1) AS WEEKSFROM PROJECTWHERE PROJNO equal MA%ORDER BY PROJNO| Problem 10 For projects that have a project number outset with MA, list the project number, project ending date and a modified ending date assuming the projects testament be delayed by 10 percent. Name the column containing PRENDED, ESTIMATED. Name the derived column judge. Order the list by project number. Result PROJNOESTEMATEDEXPECTED -----------------+------------------------------------+------------------------------------ MA21001983-02-011983-03-12 MA21101983-02-011983-03-12 MA21111982-12-011983-01-03 MA21121982-12-011983-01-03 MA21131982-12-011982-12-29 ANSWER:SELECT PROJNO, PRENDATE AS ESTIMATED, PRSTDATE + ((DAYS (PRENDATE) * DAYS (PRSTDATE)) * 1.1) DAYSAS EXPECTED FROM PROJECTWHERE PROJNO LIKE MA%ORDER BY PROJNO| Problem 11 How many geezerhood are between the first work landing on the moon (July 20, 1969) and the first day of the year 2000? Since no columns from a specific...If y ou want to get a good essay, order it on ou! r website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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