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Ernest Hemingway In a time when common things were changing, literature was driblet taking its turn. Authors who were writing during this period were very unique. One such(prenominal) man, Ernest Hemingway, stands out in the history of American literature. Beginning in his early years, including childhood and adolescence, Hemingway was already on his way to bring out one of the greatest authors of either time. He continued his books aft(prenominal) school and wrote legion(predicate) incredible stories and novels and received some prestigious awards. later(prenominal) in his life, as his will to economize seemed to decline, he feral into a terrible stage of falling off and tragically ended his life.         Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in oak guide Park, Illinois on July 21, 1899. His father was Dr. Clarence Edmonds Hemingway. Clarence became a general practitioner jobless after receiving his M.D. Clarence married Ernests give, pity Hall , on October 1, 1896. Ernests parents wanted him to feed back traveling, and took him to mevery places when he was just seven weeks old. Ernest had many siblings suppuration up. During the summer of 1900, the Hemingway family decided to stay at their cabin, Windemere, which they had make at Bear Lake. This is where Ernest began his interest in the world, personality, and his surroundings. Shortly after enrolling in school during the fall of 1903, he joined a nature study group his father headed, called the Agassiz Club. Ernests father was a unbending and very religious man. The Hemingway children were not allowed to do any elicit activities on the Lords Day. He taught Ernest the beauty of nature, and many things that had to do with the wilderness. Ernests mother however, insisted that her children have a respect for music and art. They were all given up music lessons at some sharpen in their lives. Grace wanted... If you wan t to get a abundant essay, order it on our ! website:

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