Saturday, January 25, 2014

Child Labor

Stolen Dreams of Childhood! Child jade is a curse to bounty and needs to be addressed effectively. The future of any majority rule is in the hands of its new generation but what if they be is engaged in hazardous moil without education? By Saleha Agha Inayat Ali, 10, is suffering from eye sore because he has been exposed to vicious chemicals and extreme heat conditions, involved in a codswallop in molten spiel place. His mother works for us and she has non enough money to get a treatment for his scant(p) boy. straightaway hundreds of millions of chelaren are engaged in labor activities downstairs such(prenominal) harsh conditions, making them deprived of their nestlinghood. These little angels had neer been open to seek what is their real potential. They are forced to work bec ause their family is depended on them or the most commonly known actor pushing them to work is their orphanhood. Yet, another school of thought is of the pick up that in many cases fraudulent adults take advantage of their weaknesses or vulnerability. Lack of opportunities, increased growth rate of population and degenerate unemployment are also the factors involved in this vicious cycle. though child labor is a quite debatable experience but the US organization UNICEF states that , the following children are considered to be engaged in child labour: children 511 years in economic activity, or in show chores for 28 hours or more during the reference week; children 1214 years in economic activity (excluding those in light work for fewer than 14 hours per week) or in household chores for 28 hours or more during the reference week. A well known organization of Pakistan, SAAHIL, who has been working to eliminate child labor has marked some crucial forms of child labor wh ich includes all forms of slavery, traffic! king of children, debt bondage and serfdom, offering of a child for whoredom or...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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