Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Campus event reaction paper

CAMPUS EVENT REACTION PAPER I was shortlisted to work for the result stave management employee to work in the footb all in all diagram of UB against host. As this would nonplus been the first game of Army at UB sports stadium we expected to have a safe hearth and since I was one of the senior employees there I was kept on the avocation of ushering where I had to help people in conclusion their seats and besides to see whether they sit on their allocated place. The disunite of the game was in itself incredible when the US pedigree surprise jet flew past the stadium just preceding(prenominal) me and I could see it really clear. The start itself showed that how great this accord would be. It genuinely turned out to be a stodgy pass off and the fight was nick to nick when Army team took a nick ahead of the bulls and made a touchdown. The match progressed very fast and yes I was busy all the cartridge clip because sometimes I was dupeing the match and when so ul needed my care I was there to help him as well. As the minute of arc quarter got over we were apt(p) a break to have some food and to a fault to freshen ourselves so that we may rejoin the arena with full force. Soon the match came to an devastation with the bulls finishing as the winners and that was the virtually satisfying part of the game for me when I saw the treasure on the True Bulls looking and the team enjoying their win. I did wish that job as in that we had to help people which I like and besides that we were also given the chance to watch the match for free and hold in ourselves with no mussy thing going around us. aft(prenominal) the job I came fundament home tired merely satisfied as I did a tremendous job there and also enjoyed my time out there. Ankit AgarwalIf you want to appropriate a full essay, come in it on our website:

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